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#tags for Colors! 3D & Android gets Layers

With the big Colors! 3D update soon here, I wanted to talk about a major gallery addition that I haven’t touched on yet: Tags.

Being able to tag or categorize your paintings is something that we’ve experimented with before, but it never really worked out as we wanted. This time we’ve borrowed an idea from some other social networking sites and will try out using hashtags.


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Browse, Search and Notifications

The holidays are upon us. Luckily for all you out there, we don’t have too many plans this year over here at Collecting Smiles HQ, so we keep working on the Colors! 3D update that we’ve promised to bring you – perhaps eating some delicious gingerbread cookies to get into the holiday spirit.

gallery_mainHere is the new Gallery front page and as you can see, it’s quite slimmed down compared to the current version. I talked about “Followers” previously, and this is where the new paintings from the artists you follow will show up – right front and center. And see the new icon in the bottom right corner? That is for notifications. Continue reading Browse, Search and Notifications

Colors! Android released and more Colors! 3D info

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last blog-post. Time passes so quickly when you are heads down, crunching to get things ready as soon as they possibly can. But we have some good news! We have finally released the Colors! for Android. It’s pretty cool, and is finally a new device that runs Colors! and supports pressure-sensitivity, just like the original Colors! on Nintendo DS! Check out Colors! for Android here.

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Time for updates!

There are lots of things going on here at Collecting Smiles HQ, and I wanted to share some of that with you. Lately, we’ve been really focusing on getting an update for Colors! 3D out for the Nintendo 3DS, and I wanted to talk a little bit about that, but before we go into that I also wanted to mention:

Colors! is now available for PlayStation Vita!

We are still holding off on the official announcement as due to a snag: Continue reading Time for updates!

Colors! 3D Early Access Challenge – results are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Colors! 3D Early Access Challenge. If you are a winner, you will be contacted as soon as we receive the Colors! 3D access codes. Have a good weekend!

A Colors! Facebook Friend: Kevin Castro Gonzalez
A Colors! Twitter Friend: @ZitzabisDeviant

Most popular painting: Brother’s Portrait by drawer_90

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Colors! 3D dev diary –The most important screenshots

Ok. Less chit-chat, more screenshots. Let’s look at the part of Colors! 3D you will see most of.

This is the most important screen in Colors! 3D. It instantly opens up when you press L or R. It’s all there: The color circle, the size / opacity sliders, the color preview box, and the three core brushes and the eraser. But see the tab bar at the bottom? These are the 5 tabs that expose all the key functionality when you are painting.

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Colors! 3D dev diary – The final stretch

As you might have heard on our Facebook/Twitter, Colors! 3D is in submission with Nintendo. I got some questions what that means, so I thought I’d talk about that a bit here. Like the other big console manufacturers, Nintendo require all products to go through a submission process to make sure the product works well and is consistent with other games on that platform. The process is slightly different for each console manufacturer, but overall it’s a fairly similar process. Continue reading Colors! 3D dev diary – The final stretch