Colors! 3D dev diary – Tomorrow we sail!

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, and I’ve realized that I never posted the big news here. Colors! 3D has a release date in the US (all of the Americas, really) and it is April 5. That’s tomorrow!

I’ve been busy preparing for the big launch, sending out review codes to media and the early access winners, going over the gallery to try to find and remove any performance bottle-necks and tons of other stuff. Early indications from the press sounds very positive, but we placed an embargo on reviews until it’s available in the eShop, so I’m all nervous. But we want people to be able to buy it when they read about it!

We opened up the gallery to publicly show 3DS paintings the other day. Apart for the media there has also been a few artists (like the early access winners) trying out Colors! 3D for the last week. This is one of my favorites paintings posted, and it looks GREAT in 3D.

There were lots of things I had planned to talk about in this development diary, like how we’ve integrated the camera into Color! 3D and the Coloring Pages, which I’ve barely mentioned, but I think you will have to discover that stuff for yourself if you decide to pick Colors! 3D up. And I hope that you do!

Colors! 3D for Nintendo 3DS eShop is available April 5 in the Americas for $6.99. European/Australian release-date and price is “coming soon”.

16 thoughts on “Colors! 3D dev diary – Tomorrow we sail!

  1. Another comment section? Well, here goes:
    I was rather disappointed not to find Colors! 3D on the German eshop today!
    It‛s not like we‛re a third world country, are we?
    Anyway, is it possible to load 2D pics into every layer, so that by deleting unnecessary information I could ¨reconstruct¨ a 3D effect?
    I do wish you the best of luck with sales and cannot wait for Colors! 3D to appear this side of the Atlantic!
    Your‛s tombear

  2. I’m from Sweden myself, so be sure that I want to see it out in Europe as soon as possible. :) It’s just the submission with Nintendo Europe that has taken a little bit more time than the US one did.

    You can only load a photo as a background or overlay, and not one per layer.

  3. Hejsan, Jens!
    Thanks a lot for your quick reaction to my first comment!
    It is not that I am disappointed in you or your company, rather with Nintedo, you know. And from the first reviews on Colors! 3D that I‛ve read (on IGN and Siliconera), I am now more than a 100% sure that I want two copies (one for myself, the other for my lover) as soon as possible.
    Greetings from Hamburg
    and the best of luck and success


  4. I’ve just played around with the Colors! 3D tutorial and haven’t painted anything with this app yet. Since you have iPod and iPhone versions of Colors! do you have any plans to do an iPad version, as well? If so, I have an iPad 2 running the latest iOS. If you’re working on one or, will do so; I’d be happy to beta test it for you.

    I’ll post something to the gallery soon. Also, how do I physically take the image files from the SD Card? Or is it only done through Wi-Fi? (I’d like to back my paintings up on CD or DVD.)

  5. I got Colors! 3D and I have to say it exceeds my expectations. I’m having a lot of fun learning how to paint and looking at other artists work.

    Now I’ve got one odd question. In Munin’s blog he said that Colors! 3D has an option to merge layers. I’ve looked at the help files and I haven’t seen anything about that. How does that work? Maybe I’m misinterpreting?

    Thanks a lot for the help!

  6. It should be in the help in the “Painting in 3D” section. You can drag the layers around on the 3D tab, and there you can also copy one layer on top of the other.

  7. Yes, I have an iPad as well as an Android version in the works. No ETA yet though. Feel free to sign up for beta-testing at

    As Colors! 3D, you can export a .jpg/.mpo from the device, and uploading to the gallery is done through Wi-Fi directly from the device.

  8. Is it possible to give an indication of when we can get this game in Europe? Are we going to wait a couple of days/weeks/months?

    I’m hoping sooner rather than later because I am keen to try this out after reading the positive review on IGN.


  9. Congrats to America, ^_^

    Any way i got a question is the price varies between regions for example America currency and Europe currency are not the same so do you do currency conversion to make the pricing the same??


    1USD = 2Euro
    so then the price is $6.99USD then Euro will be 13.98 Euro,

    OF COURSE THIS IS MADE UP NUMBER, so don’t say the currency is not that amount.

    Or you just make it all 6.99 in every region??

    thank you

  10. @wei, we announced the European and Australian release-date yesterday: April 19! And the price as well, set to €6. I’m not completely sure how that price translates into the different countries’ eShop, but you can probably check how this is done on other titles to get an idea.

  11. Hey Jens,

    In the Colors! gallery we used to be able to look at older paintings. Is there any chance you will bring this back. Sometimes I want to look at old paintings back from when it was only on the DS and I can’t find them through the search.


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