Colors! 3D Early Access Challenge – results are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Colors! 3D Early Access Challenge. If you are a winner, you will be contacted as soon as we receive the Colors! 3D access codes. Have a good weekend!

A Colors! Facebook Friend: Kevin Castro Gonzalez
A Colors! Twitter Friend: @ZitzabisDeviant

Most popular painting: Brother’s Portrait by drawer_90

Luckiest painting: Dawn by Parrotine

Jury’s Favorite Painting: summer sketch by DeeRumm

And I really have to give a bonus price to Kasumi for this one. Love it!

Congratulations to the winners!

7 thoughts on “Colors! 3D Early Access Challenge – results are in!

  1. I had a feeling that Kasumi would win. I really like that one!

    Also, I know this sounds like a silly question. Do you think there could be a future update to ColorsDraw? You’ve said we can export our images at 1600X960. Maybe we could also use ColorsDraw like we use on the other .drw files.

  2. Woah! I´ve won. There were a lot of very good paintings, im so stunned that i won and congratulations to all the other winners!

    @ Jens yes i have a 3ds just for this application and cant wait to paint on it

  3. All the winners had DS drawings :O
    Congrats dudes! Jen, release Colors! already so I can pay you for it!

  4. @DarklingDragon, ColorsDraw is not compatible with the Colors! 3D format, so we’ll probably try recreate it the new java-script based repainter technology. That way we have less code to support.

  5. Today I popped open my 3DS and decided to watch the newest Nintendo Show. I was really surprised when I saw your interview. Good thing you decided go to GDC!

  6. Hey Jens!
    Wow congrats to the final release date as i heard!im really excited! When do you think yo´ll get the access codes? ^^

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