#tags for Colors! 3D & Android gets Layers

With the big Colors! 3D update soon here, I wanted to talk about a major gallery addition that I haven’t touched on yet: Tags.

Being able to tag or categorize your paintings is something that we’ve experimented with before, but it never really worked out as we wanted. This time we’ve borrowed an idea from some other social networking sites and will try out using hashtags.


What this means is that pretty much anywhere in the Colors! Gallery where you can enter text, you can now enter a ‘#’ character and then the name of the tag. The tag will automatically turn into a hyperlink which will take you to a list with all paintings with that tag on it. It’s very simple and powerful, and we expect it to be used quite a lot.

newsOne way we are going to use tags is with official contests. This screenshot is from the News screen, where we will regularly announce new challenges. To enter a painting into a challenge, you just put the specified tag in the painting description. Tapping the tag will take you to the list of all paintings participating in the challenge, which you will be able to sort on date or on the number of likes.

All this goodness will be available with the Colors! 3D update that is currently being evaluate by Nintendo. The final phase has gone pretty well, and we are hoping for that February release-date that we were aiming for in the previous post.

We’ve also done some great progress on the Android version where we recently released support for layers. An exciting feature that we are working on there is video-export. Thanks to the nice sharing system in Android, you will easily be able to share your painting-playbacks to your favorite video service. (Only on Android 4.1 devices though). We are also working on reducing the latency and to get all the gallery improvements implemented in the Android version. We’re starting to see some amazing work being done on Android. For example, how about this one?

You can find information about how to embed painting playbacks like above here. Colors! for Android is available here.

The Colors! 3D update for Nintendo 3DS will be a free update that you will be able to download from the eShop. There is no set release-date, but our best guess at this point is February.

12 thoughts on “#tags for Colors! 3D & Android gets Layers

  1. Yay! I’m so happy that there’ll be categories. It’ll make the paintings so much easier to browse, and make things I don’t want to see easier to miss!

  2. Tags are a GREAT addition! You could tag someone’s user name to let them see a painting you made for them. Also when hosting personal user made contests. You could do #tabster123contestduefeb14 or something like that for people to tag their art too for a contest you are hosting. It’s a great addition not only for searching. Another great use is a “check my gallery” list. People who are smart enough to use this tag can tag their painting as #checkmygallery so others can see it easier and it could sort out good artists from the rest. idk its just some last minute ideas i thought of. This is great!

  3. I also want to say that tags can be used for fandoms like Homestuck, Hetalia, Pokemon, etc etc but from my experiences on tumblr (on the homestuck update tag) people have posted some profane pictures on the tag which spam it (not having to do with the comic either) so there should be an option under the reporting button whether the tag is appropriate or not.

  4. In a future update do you plan on upgrading stuff in the painting section? You should add more brushes, tools like rulers and compasses and protractors (for straight lines, circles, and angles), custom brushes, ways to share custom brushes in the gallery? Brushes that change on tilt ( like on the iPhone version), maybe brushes that grow the longer you hold it in that spot (like ink blots). I understand that you want to keep this like a traditional painting app so those are some ideas. Could you add a way to save colors in the menu screen? And also would you thin adding hex code and rgb values for more accurate colors still be under traditional? I like having some colors accurate when I paint certain things. Attracted studios has a lot of brushes and presets that you could get ideas from. Sorry, I just really like this app because it got me drawing again and it is helping me make new friends and ideas.

  5. The update each time seems better and better!Those tags are really gonna help us to find more paintings.

  6. Will be great to tag your friend who worked with you on a collab so that people will be able to see their work as well!

  7. That #unfinished tag made me laugh. Can’t tell you how many paintings I’ve left unfinished.

    The news section is also a great add on. Now I don’t have to go to facebook in order to see what the challenges are.

  8. I really want the ability to edit or add things in your drawing without having to take it off of the gallery or re-uploading a new one.

  9. Dang, i was too late for u guys to see my new updated Gallery painting. i haven’t posted my new one yet but my first one is in my gallery.

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