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The holidays are upon us. Luckily for all you out there, we don’t have too many plans this year over here at Collecting Smiles HQ, so we keep working on the Colors! 3D update that we’ve promised to bring you – perhaps eating some delicious gingerbread cookies to get into the holiday spirit.

gallery_mainHere is the new Gallery front page and as you can see, it’s quite slimmed down compared to the current version. I talked about “Followers” previously, and this is where the new paintings from the artists you follow will show up – right front and center. And see the new icon in the bottom right corner? That is for notifications. This button will be available throughout the gallery and will notify you when someone comments on or likes a painting of yours. Tapping the notification button will bring up a screen that gives you information about everything that’s been going on since the last time you visited the gallery. Now let’s take a look at what happens when you tap the Browse button.

gallery_browseAs you can see, there is a bunch of new ways to browse the Colors! Gallery. You still have the Top/Weekly/New lists that we have right now, but now there is the search bar that I know many of you have been asking for. There are also a few brand new buttons: “Trending” can best be described as a best of the day. “New Scribbles” is where paintings that took less than 10 minutes to create will appear. That also means that New Paintings will only show paintings that took 10 minutes or MORE to create, which I think will make that list a bit nicer. Finally, there is a Featured Tags button, but I’ll save that one for a later post.

So, when will the update be released? It is almost finished now and we’ve started the send the latest development builds through our QA to get a sense for how much we have left to get everything finalized. But as you probably have guessed at this point, the update won’t be out before the end of the year as we were so optimistically hoping for. As always, it’s incredibly hard to give accurate information when something will be available in the store. But to give you something to go on, here is what we know:

1. Development – We have about a week or two of development left.
2. Localization – After that it needs to go through localization/translation, which takes about a week.
3. Bug-fixing – Then we need to make sure we’ve fixed all the bugs, which might take 0-2 weeks (we might have fixed all at this point already)
4. Submission – This is when we submit the update to Nintendo, and we will have to wait for them to test it. I don’t know how much time this will take, probably 1-3 weeks
5. Possible re-submission – Nintendo tests everything, and if they found something that they can’t approve the send it back to us and we’ll have to correct it and resubmit.
6. Ready for Release – After Nintendo has tested and approved everything, it will be ready to go online. This might also take a little bit, as they plan their releases in the eShop. Perhaps a week or two.

Adding all together makes it look like a February release, doesn’t it? In the mean-time, I hope you can all be patient, because I’m pretty sure you will find it worth waiting for!


The Colors! 3D update for Nintendo 3DS will be a free update that you will be able to download from the eShop. There is no set release-date, but our best guess at this point is February.

36 thoughts on “Browse, Search and Notifications

  1. WoW!The up date seems to be Awesome!It will really be good to wait!& the best of all!ITS FREE!Thanks guys & I wish u guys had deleted the glitch in the comments!That is really irritating!Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the update on the progress. The New Scribbles is a great idea. It’s a shame we have to wait longer, but it looks like it will be well worth the wait. I haven’t seen any mention of this; will the white line glitch be taken care of as well?

    By the way, it’s really neat to see that you picked one of my paintings for the example.

  3. Seems really good so far, specially the notification thingy, i hate to admit it but i am a sucker for comments or likes so every 2 days or so i take a look at all my pics to see if something’s new and as you can tell it’s really tiresome.

    All this browsing and searching updates it’s all good (we get harsh tag search?! wooh!) but what about the drawing part of this app? there is no updates for it? new tools, brushes, effects,bug fixes, more layers? nothing? or is it gonna be a big surprise?.

    Anyways! really looking forward to this update, as colors!3D is my favorite app and the only reason i use my 3Ds! Don’t rush it! i can wait :)

  4. Yes and than you so much for unbanning my 3ds I am truly sorry for my old posts everything I put is appropriate for atleast 14 plus and if not I encourage people to tg it.

  5. Everything seems in order. Search bar, 10 minute+ for new paintings, notifications, subscribing, why does it feel like the update is missing something? Hmmm… oh yeah! What about handwritten comments? I know, that may seem stupid, but what if you need artistic advice, and only words won’t cut it? Sometimes, visuals help get a point across better than mere words.

  6. @dimitris828, good question! Ever since I saw this in Flipnote, I’ve wanted to add this. However, it’s a big feature so it won’t make it in anytime soon, but let’s hope for it at some point.

  7. This update is looking great! Cant wait until release date.

    Scribles is a good adition! Dont you think 10mins is too short? Maybe you can add more time, between 15 up to 25 minutes! this will be a better bet to skip those kind of stuffs you calling “scribles”.

    Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for this good news! :D

  8. I really like everything about this update. It is really hard to choose a favorite, but I think I like the notifications feature. I always check the galleries of those who comment on my work. If they like the painting, I ask them to comment, but they usually don’t. This feature will help me check all of them now! The “New Scribbles” feature is great, but I already think I have found a loop hole. Someone could just scribble all over the page for 10 minutes then do their trace/friend code thing, or just have the painting thing open for over ten minutes? I am not sure how it works though, but those were just some ideas I came up with. The search bar is also another favorite of mine. You can check paintings that were done long ago not in any of the categories, so that is great too! I feel like the wait until February is okay because I think it is worth the wait.

  9. Sounds like a really good update.

    However, I’m not sure if I like the idea of the camera icon in the painting information screen. I’m using picture references to get the exact same colours I’ve used in another painting (as I’m using Colors! 3D to try to make a comic and want to make sure the panels share the same colour scheme). Now if I upload those paintings in the gallery they will be regarded as being traced when that’s not the case.

    This is obviously not a fault of the program but perhaps the community.

  10. I would love a way to remove all traced art, as I find it a cheap way that almost everyone uses. I want to see original art, like mine. I think almost 99% of all art on Colors is traced or copied from the net, I miss seeing real art.

  11. One thing has occurred to me and sorry if this has been mentioned before or that the update is gallery only, but it would be so useful to be able to lock layers. Gah! How many times do I draw on the wrong layer ..

  12. Wow this looks amazing! Thank you Jens I can’t wait till this update is released in febuary! It will be greet following and being followed. And yay Bug fixes! I also like the scribbles thing. I am sure it will help alot! I am really exicited :)

  13. I just got Colors a few days ago and I’m already super excited for this update! Being able to avoid those “i need a gf”, chat, etc pictures because of the scribble filter will be so appreciated! as well as avoiding traced works… I’ve been so impressed by pictures only to find out they’ve been traced. :P I have nothing against tracing at all, but I do have something against trying to pass off traces as originals/freehand. So I’m super excited for this update and ty so much for the great software! :3

  14. This is lookin pretty cool!!! I cant wait for the update!! A lot of people were looking forward to flipnote memo, but at this point…This is looking a looot better than flipnotes..The search bar & trending feature makes this update win…A lot of people complain saying that there work cant get noticed cuz it dissapears away from the new paintings list so fast…Well with the trending feature…(Best of The Day) This is a GREAT way for others to get noticed here on Colors rather than see’ing the same popular artists on weeks best…Cant wait!! Thanks for the update guys. Take your time…I know this isnt easy. We ALL appreciate it though.

    – AfRo ToAd

  15. I agree with what some said above, Scribbles is a great idea, but maybe the time limit should be 15 minutes instead of 10. Those pros who are able to create a stunning drawing in less than 15 mins can just bide their time.

    Otherwise, perhaps there could be a wider self-imposed system of categorisation, such as categories for “still life”, “fan-art”, “chat/scribbles”, “original” or somesuch which artists can submit to. (And maybe one especially for disturbing pony pictures. I don’t want to see any more of those. xD)

  16. I really hope that there will be a flag as spam button. I think that it would help clean up pictures such as “I need a GF/BF” or blank canvases. I know that this could be abused, but I think that if somebody is repeatedly flagging things that are not spam, there could be a consequence for it.

  17. Thanks for your effort with this update. How possible would it be to display paintings from other platforms (ds, iphone, etc.) on the 3ds gallery?

  18. In my opinion, I believe there should be a section in which paintings that were made by tracing photos of any kind should go. Some users get too much credit, and it’s a big pet peeve for some users when they don’t admit to tracing.

  19. @FlipZX That’s a good idea, but the only problem is that the system can’t distinguish between tracing and using a reference photo. I use multiple reference photos on pictures that aren’t traced, or I use tracing to draw a specific element then freehand the rest. We could put all paintings that used photos into one place, but many good, untraced paintings could end up there as well.

  20. Great i cant wait for this update. ive been waiting for a search bar sence i got this. i also like the idea of following people. ⇔As i have noticed when you like pictures eventually they’re replaced in favorites by new ones: leading me to loose my connection to some of my favorite people.

  21. I agree with captT about the gf/bf pics being annoying, but i still appreciate the friend codes(some people dislike). also i like to trace and add my own to pics[(admitting im currently working on something with added stuff)(admits to previous attemps to trace :/)]

  22. some of this sounds a little harsh- the way that people comment on the “scribles”- i mean sure its a good idea but i know some people who can draw in like 10 min and come up with a masterpiece . . . but then again never mind because thats people drawing with pencil and paper not electronics- sorry if anyone takes that offensive but im not trying to be-_-

  23. I have had Colors! 3D since it first came out! I’m really happy & grateful that you guys are making an update other than ALOT of other games that are one time things and neeed updates. I really like the new layout and the Scribbles, Genius. I hate when new paintings get flooded with Friend codes and such and not real artists get there work shown :c I like the following feature too because i like getting to my friends gallerys quick & the artists that are famous gallerys as well. And the search bar is great too. Thanx. ALOT :)

  24. @CaptT What I meant was that perhaps if the creator took a photo with the 3DS (or downloaded it off of an image searching site) and used it in the painting, the description would label that a photo was used. Or it would get its own section like the 10 minute paintings.

  25. Well . . . its past February its March, is it just a little late or is it for February of next year? just curious because i cant wait!

  26. I like how its coming along and looking. But only some of the features i dislike.
    BTW…. did u guys use my painting as a referance to the update? Cuz thats owsm if u did! :D

  27. Okay, wow. The update is so awesome. I was kinda looking forward to notifications though XD

  28. My Colors! On my 3ds won’t let me create an account, I wanted to know if you were just not letting people create accounts anymore or if there’s something wrong with my app? Sorry for the inconvenience, I love the tool btw, I use it a lot and it helped me grow as an artist

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