Colors! Android released and more Colors! 3D info

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last blog-post. Time passes so quickly when you are heads down, crunching to get things ready as soon as they possibly can. But we have some good news! We have finally released the Colors! for Android. It’s pretty cool, and is finally a new device that runs Colors! and supports pressure-sensitivity, just like the original Colors! on Nintendo DS! Check out Colors! for Android here.

Just like Colors! for PlayStation Vita, Colors! for Android shares a lot with Colors! 3D that we released earlier this year. However, both the Android and the PSVita version have a few things that haven’t made it to Colors! 3D yet, but that will be released in the update we are feverishly working on. One of these features is the basis for what we hope will resolve the Tracing issue that is bothering a lot of people in Colors! 3D.










This is the comments screen of Colors! for Android. We’ve exposed some new info here that you might not have seen before. You can for example see how long it took to painting the painting (59 minutes in this case, Munin is pretty amazing). More importantly, you can also see what kind of tools he used when he was created this painting (the eyedropper and the flip). Now, let’s check out how this screen will look in Colors! 3D.

Very similar right? But the interesting thing here is the small camera icon next to the eyedropper icon. It is grayed out for now, but this icon will show if a painting used the reference image or not when it was created. We had actually planned to record this information in the original release of Colors! 3D, but we messed up so that that information became corrupt. This is why we need to get the update out there to be able to improve the gallery in this area.

In the next post, I will show you how this small fix will allow you to filter the gallery based on if a painting used the reference image tool or not. And I will show the Search Bar as well. I know you are waiting for that one…


The Colors! 3D update for Nintendo 3DS will be a free update that you will be able to download from the eShop. There is no set release-date, but our goal is to get it out before the end of the year. It might be tight though!

26 thoughts on “Colors! Android released and more Colors! 3D info

  1. My android phone is a Samsung Galaxy Mini, SGH-T499Y with a screen size of 240 x 320. I am having problems of the size of the app. It is too large. I only see 1/4 of the app’s standard size.

    I can still use it and it runs smoothly. I can zoom it to fit to my screen but still I can’t use other tools. I’ve always scan through the Colors painting gallery and wishing to have an iPhone or a NDS just to use your app. I am very excited when I found in your site that you’ve released an android version of this. I hope you will release a fix update immediately because this is awesome! (I deleted other painting apps for this.)

  2. @Yeril, Hmm, the UI is not designed to run in that low resolution, and if we scaled the whole thing to that resolution, I’m afraid that the text wouldn’t be readable.

  3. Oh wow! I’ve been so out of the loop, didn’t even know an update was in the works. Sounds really cool! Time spent on a piece is a fun feature I like on oekaki boards, it’s neat to hear it’ll be in Colors! 3D, too.

    Thanks for working on all this nice update stuff, you guys! :D However long it takes, it’s absolutely worth waiting for. The community should be very pleased, too.

    Really cool that Colors! is on the PS Vita and Android, too! I always wanted an Android phone…sounds like there is more motivation for that now. ;D Pressure sensitivity is a very very good thing for sure! Congratulations, and hope all goes well from here.

  4. Nice news Jens..! :D Really I am waiting to have colors! 3D update. It will be a great xmas gift from colors! xD

  5. unless you pay, colors! for android is actually a step down from colors! for note.
    I can’t buy it right now, so to be able to use my gallery account I have to use the note version.
    it’s a bit annoying.

  6. Sounds great! Umm… can you guys get some mods or something? I am being bullied on colors and I want it to STOP. Plus this person is going after my friends. What will you do to help us with the trolls?

  7. So I had Colors! for galaxy note installed on my phone.
    It got updated and said there is a new version available. So I went and downloaded it.
    It had some pressure controls setup up which I was missing very much in the original Note app. Good old NDS days ( *A*)
    (Default settings and not being able to change em on the device itself was a huge let down. Not the Colors! app, the S-pen of the galaxy note.)

    Pressure control setup in this app makes it by far THE BEST painting app on Android right now. =] Maybe I’m just biased… =D

    Anway the free version had some limitations. I check the help files and noticed it had mention of layers in there. I figured that if I buy the full version the layers feature will unlock.
    But that is not the case. Is this a bug with my device? Or is there simply no layers support?
    If there is no support for layers.. than the question begs to be asked.. Why is it included in the help files?

    Also it looks like there is no pressure size control. Will this be added later on?

    Fiiiinally.. a feature request.
    A quick way to change the brush size would be pretty sweet. Is it not possible to develop a “brush increase/decrease” thingy when the volume buttons are being pressed?
    If you are left handed your right index finger will be on the volume buttons (if the screen is able to rotate)
    For right handed people the thumb on the left hand is on the volume buttons.

    I understand this can annoy people that want to listen to music while painting, so have a simple checkbox in the brush settings that locks volume and uses the volume buttons for brush size. When unchecked it set the volume buttons back to normal, controlling volume again.
    Obviously this can be implemented on iOS as well. (not sure how Vita does things and probably wont work on a 3ds as afaik it is analogue controls. But vita or 3ds could probably map it to one of it many buttons.. Or just ignore this for 3ds/Vita as holding a button to pop up the menu is working like a charm anyway =])

  8. @bb0x

    Thanks for your extensive feedback!

    Yes, layers are coming in an update. There were a few bugs with the layer functionality, so we left it out of the initial update. I didn’t realize that we left that info in the help files though, which explains some of the confused e-mails we got. Thanks!

    We are looking into using the volume buttons as well. That will obviously be an option, but I understand how that could be useful.


  9. Hello,

    Using colors on my new nexus 7 and I love it just as much as I did back when I had it for my D’s lite. Bought the full version, but have a question regarding layers. I had this for the vita and loved that feature; when will the layers feature be added to the android? Even the help option mentions it lol…teasing me :(

  10. You guys are awesome.

    I now have layers :)

    Question; are there restrictions to nudity on the gallery? (Breasts)

  11. @Omunall,

    General nudity is ok as long as you tag it as Mature on upload. More graphic content is not allowed in the Colors! Gallery however.

  12. Fantastic! I’m happy to hear there is a mature tag implemented on the gallery. You guys rock :) I purchased a Google nexus just for colors. Digi sketchpad!

  13. I’ve tried side loading colors for galaxy note on my galaxy note 10.1 and sensitivity is also too high. Please add sensitivity settings.

  14. @fvig2001, check the Options button from the main menu, and you should be able to calibrate the stylus to your liking.

    As for “Colors! for Galaxy Note”, we will not update that one further and it serves as a dead end for us, since we can’t modify the Samsung S Pen painting engine used by that one.

  15. Excellent, I have just bought the full version on my galaxy note 10.1 and the pressure is very good indeed! My only request would be for it to have an easier way to adjust the brush size, perhaps through a sidebar slider or volume eat qirk and keys — and perhaps a way to control size via pressure to some degree? Cheers! Overall great work and I’m super happy colors made it to android fully!

  16. Yes I have a question, I have an Apple iPod five and your app Colours! Will not create my account what’s happening?????

  17. I accidentally made someone not be able to comment on my posts but how do I undo it?? Plz help!

  18. @HeyItsMoonStar, Login to and then navigate to You should see a list of all the users you’ve blocked with the option to remove them :)

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