Colors! 3D dev diary – The final stretch

As you might have heard on our Facebook/Twitter, Colors! 3D is in submission with Nintendo. I got some questions what that means, so I thought I’d talk about that a bit here. Like the other big console manufacturers, Nintendo require all products to go through a submission process to make sure the product works well and is consistent with other games on that platform. The process is slightly different for each console manufacturer, but overall it’s a fairly similar process. Continue reading Colors! 3D dev diary – The final stretch

Colors! 3D dev diary – Paint with Friends

My wife and I recently had the first full-fledged collaborative painting session. Using our two dev-kits, I shared a painting session that she connected to, and we painted together on a single canvas.

While I spent a lot of time just testing collaborative paining to make sure everything functioned correctly, I haven’t really been able to really just play with the feature until now. It might not have been pretty (I can’t really paint, if you didn’t know), but it was definitely fun. We fought over canvas space, painted things behind layers for the other to find and “improved” each other’s creations. Continue reading Colors! 3D dev diary – Paint with Friends

Colors! 3D dev diary – Using the 3D outside the Nintendo 3DS

Painting in 3D is obviously one of the core features of Colors! 3D (duh), but it is quite hard to get people to see how cool it is without showing it to them on the actual Nintendo 3DS. There is plenty of stuff happening in getting 3D to work in browsers, but the fact is that not too many people have a 3D monitor hooked up to their computer.

Because of that, we haven’t even tried to tackle displaying stereoscopic 3D in the Colors! Gallery. However, Continue reading Colors! 3D dev diary – Using the 3D outside the Nintendo 3DS

Colors! 3D dev diary – What color are you?

The year is almost over, and Colors! 3D is not in your hands yet. This is due to the gallery integration feature. The term that Nintendo uses for features like the integrated gallery is “Rich User Generated Content”. This is not something we see too much of on consoles, so it’s been taking quite a while to work through.

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Colors! 3D dev diary – painting in 3D

Welcome to the first hopefully many Colors! 3D development diaries. In the time left to the release, I will try to give some insight into what’s gone (and goes) into the development of this… game-app-play-thingy. Yep, we are not really sure how to categorize it either, but that’s ok – that’s one of the things we like about it.

But first, I know that many of you are asking. We still don’t have a release-date or a price. This is the first time we are releasing something for the Nintendo 3DS eShop (well, duh), and there are still things we haven’t figured out. We are feverishly working getting things ready, but there is still a little bit to go before it can go into Nintendo’s submission.

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Power of 2

Nope. Despite the semi-nerdy name, this is not a technical post. Now that Colors! 3D is finally announced, I wanted to talk about all the fun I get to have now, talking to various entities who are interested in all that we’re doing at Collecting Smiles. And one thing I have learned in the process is that it helps to have a buddy.

For the last year, my friend Shara has been helping me take Collecting Smiles from the loose organization that I started so long ago into a proper company. Just like me, Shara also spent time at LucasArts –and managed to pull off some great feats while she was there. I felt very fortunate to be able to work with her there, and so much more to have her with me at Collecting Smiles.

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