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Nintendo recently told me that we will get a bunch of download codes for Colors! 3D about a week before its upcoming eShop release. Most of these will be give to magazines for reviews and stuff (please write me an e-mail if you are press and want a review copy!). But we also decided to keep five of them for a little giveaway.

So this is your chance to get Colors! 3D before everyone else. Everyone can participate, and frequent gallery users will get some extra love. The competition will run between February 25 and March 3. Early access codes will be given to each one of the following:

• Most Popular Painting – Given to painting with the most likes in the gallery on March 3 (uploaded between Feb 24 and March 2).
• The Luckiest Painting – Given to a random painting uploaded between Feb 25 and March 3.
• Jury’s Favorite Painting – Given to my personal favorite painting uploaded between Feb 25 and March 3.
• A Colors! Facebook Friend – Given to a random Facebook user who likes Colors!
• A Colors! Twitter Friend – Given to a random Twitter follower of @colors_3d

Each one of these will receive a Colors! 3D code that can be redeemed in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The code will be made available as soon as we get it, which might be different for the American territories and Europe/Australia. They should be available around a week before Colors! 3D is publicly available in the eShop. The winners will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and this blog after the ending of the competition (probably on March 4).

Good luck!

Colors! 3D is coming out soon for Nintendo 3DS eShop and will cost $6.99. No release-date is set yet, and while my guesses have been proved to be wildly off, I’m pretty sure that I’m not getting away without giving you a new guess: 2-4 weeks.

16 thoughts on “Win Early Access to Colors! 3D

  1. This sounds exciting. I’m not going to enter the contest since I’m planning to purchase it, but I can’t wait to see the winners.

  2. Awesome cannot wait to do some paintings for this! I’ve been currently working on an animation (as am a student), and use Colors for my storyboarding process. I can’t wait for the release and the other possibilities the program can provide for me!!!


  3. hey Jens i am not affiliated with any one website but i am a viral advertiser and a rabid fan! I have been anxiously awaiting the release of your game for what seems like forever. I had your game on ds lite and even commented back and forth with you a few times. I would love one of the early access codes if you have enough! But if you do not i would be a day one purchaser anyway.

  4. Damn i sold my old DS! Hopefully i found some old Paintings somewhere on my hard disk to participate on this. you are just awesome guys!! I would love to see you on google+

  5. I hope to get the twitter one! I was the first one to follow you guys on there (plus there is a 1 to 110) chance of winning which is the best out of the random category) hehe.

  6. @Daniel, I will try to make sure the winners are all people who will have use of the download code. I might offer them a couple of iPhone download codes as an alternative or something.

  7. I SO want this app. If you take the time to look at my gallery in Dev Art, I am a devout handheld painter (not that talented or productive, though). There’s several people in my 3DS friends list that are waiting for it.

  8. Regardless of whether or not I may win this in any way, I’m looking forward to getting this program. I have both the DS version and the iOS version, and I love them both. May I just say that ever since I’ve heard of Colors! It encouraged me to improve my painting skills, as well as drawing. Colors 3D sounds like it’ll be just plain wonderful for me; for all! And at such an assumed price, it is truly worth so much more. I plan to make a webcomic some day, and Colors 3D may just be the program I’ll use to make it happen.

  9. Yay! So excited for this to come out; definitely going to buy it on the first day. <3 I've been wanting to use Colors! for years, but had never gotten around to purchasing a flashcard for my old DS. I'm incredibly happy that it's coming to the 3DS, and thank you for putting so much work into it! The new features look a lot of fun, and I love how gorgeous the paintings look. Can't wait! ^_^

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