Colors! 3D dev diary – What color are you?

The year is almost over, and Colors! 3D is not in your hands yet. This is due to the gallery integration feature. The term that Nintendo uses for features like the integrated gallery is “Rich User Generated Content”. This is not something we see too much of on consoles, so it’s been taking quite a while to work through.

More than once, I considered stripping out the gallery features and ship Colors! 3D without it, but I decided not to as I think the gallery is such as core part of Colors!. Finally, after a lot of back and forth with Nintendo we’ve worked it through (thanks for your patience, Dan Chang!). And thanks to the Parental Control options released in the recent Nintendo 3DS system update, we’ll see the gallery as it was intended. However, you will only be able to see paintings created on Nintendo 3DS systems, so the incredible database of paintings already there won’t be available other than as a link to view them in the Nintendo 3DS Internet browser. But I think the gallery will fill up with new stuff soon enough– and with the bonus that most of the available paintings will be in 3D!

I’m currently hoping to submit to certification as soon as the holiday break is over. Everything is done, and I’m just tinkering with a few things that have been bugging me while I’m waiting for that to happen. I’ve even taken the time to localize the whole thing to 6 other languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch), which will hopefully prove worth the effort.

So, what about the topic of this post? What color are you? Well, that is referring to a pet feature of mine in Colors! 3D. I’m a huge fan of procedurally generated data, especially when you use individual data as the source. I did a project back in the days where I generated Rorschach blots based on someone’s name (sort of like this). This was part of an exhibition I did together with Ida Rödén where we showed off a video game we made together. People were really fascinated to see what blot came up when they entered their name, even though it’s really only a random thing that uses their name as a seed.

Anyway, in Colors! 3D, each artist in the gallery has a color generated from his/her username. It makes the comments a little bit easier to follow, as you quickly start to recognize people’s colors. It’s one of the smallest features of Colors! 3D, but one I very much enjoy.

So, what color are you? I guess you have to get Colors! 3D to find out. If everything goes well, it should be very soon!


10 thoughts on “Colors! 3D dev diary – What color are you?

  1. You know, I sold my DS lite awhile back and lost my card, so I’ve not had colors…I have Corel Painter 11, and Photoshop…and for some reason, I just plain old miss colors! I bought a 3DS two days ago, and just saw this update.

    GOOD call on not shipping without the gallery. I will say, posting up for the weekly contests is always a treat. If you can’t get it running though, id wonder if you can at least save the images to an SD? That would be good enough to post via PC, but I’m already sold on what colors can do…this is going mainstream and its probably going to be reviewed by critics. I wish the best of luck on this thing, I can not WAIT to paint on my 3ds…man….I’m gonna cry. Where be Mickey Duff? I like that guys work

  2. @Omunall, you will be able to export to SD card, but only the finished images (in large resolutions), so uploading to the gallery needs to be done from the device. Uploading from the device should be very easy though.

  3. Ah…I see. I was wondering why Colors! had to be delayed. It makes perfect sense though, since the gallery is where half the fun is.

  4. Colors! On the DS Lite was the only piece of homebrew I came across that made it worth owning a flash cart. Honestly, I loved it and my girlfriend of the time did as well.

    Having sold my DS Lite, since I could use the cash and friends were more interested in the system for gaming, I have missed this program and really look forward to it’s release.

  5. Thankfully, I still have my DSLite and my copy of Colors, which I love to use. While I’ll miss the pressure sensitivity from the old version of Colors, I’m looking forward to this newest version very much!

    In my opinion, Colors in the DS was just about the most perfect digital painting app ever. I would have loved to have layers, but it’s simplicity made it the most natural painting app I’ve ever used. Thank you so much for all your hard work in the creation of this fantastic program.

  6. I’m very glad to read an update (and what a good update) from you! Finally the wait shortens…
    I like a lot the “personal color” feature, sounds really nice. Literally can’t wait to start using it! I miss too much my old DS version… :)

  7. Will this still have playback? Any price point yet? I’m going to load my wallet with the funds asap once I know how much it will cost…man…I can’t wait for this. I’m going to be so happy when I get colors! Heck I’ve even been promoting it all over the forums lol…I think this will single handedly make my 3DS worth the purchase. I love my games, just recently bought the system when I heard colors was coming…bought myself seven games, love en all, but colors is the selling point, oddly enough. You guys are going to get the recognition you deserve for colors with this. Everyone knew about art academy, and this is the best time to release colors considering everyone is glaring at the lack of content on the ware shop…and swapnote is way too limited. Colors is going to rock, I don’t want to stop typing I’m so excited! I will though….but you know.

    Thank you for making colors! I’m happy, and I’m actually going to use it as a took to teach my little one how to draw

  8. Out of curiosity, what’s the largest image resolution/size we can make on the new version of Colors!? I know we can export larger sizes, but I was just curious.

  9. I’m really looking forward to Colors! 3D! The 3DS has so much potential, and I’m happy that potential is finally getting used. I can’t wait for this game to release though! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever!

  10. @DarklingDragon, The internal resolution for a Widescreen painting is 854×512, and it can be repainted in resolutions up to 1600×960.

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