Colors! 3D dev diary –The most important screenshots

Ok. Less chit-chat, more screenshots. Let’s look at the part of Colors! 3D you will see most of.

This is the most important screen in Colors! 3D. It instantly opens up when you press L or R. It’s all there: The color circle, the size / opacity sliders, the color preview box, and the three core brushes and the eraser. But see the tab bar at the bottom? These are the 5 tabs that expose all the key functionality when you are painting.




The second tab is the paint-tools tab and it just contains 6 buttons that should be pretty self-explanatory. Undo can also be done directly with one of the 3DS buttons (along with zoom, eyedropper, scroll, layer-changes and an opacity-modifier), so you don’t have to enter this screen to access it.



These are all the tools to controls layers and 3D. While you use the Circle Pad to quickly go between layers while you are painting, you can go in to this tab to rearrange, copy and clear individual layers. Also, there are a few different options on how the layers are displayed while you are painting.





That’s me! New hair-cut and all.

Using a photo in your painting is something new for Colors! and has a few complications with the gallery that I will talk about in a later post. But as everyone knows, it’s always fun to draw moustaches on friends and family, and who would I be to prevent you from doing that?




The final tab is to control a Paint with Friends session. Go here to make it possible for someone to connect your 3DS. Then come back again to kick them out when they start drawing obscene things (which based on focus-testing sessions will be about 90% of the time).



And the frog that you see in the background I actually found in the gallery, made by the Nintendo Certification team. I’m using the gallery to keep a close eye on them. They seem to have fun. Perhaps that’s why it’s taking them so long? :)

Colors! 3D is coming out soon for Nintendo 3DS eShop for $6.99. It’s still in testing with Nintendo, so no release-date has been set yet. All Jens can do is wait patiently by the phone.

And yeah, I hope to announce the results of the Colors! 3D Early Access Challenge tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “Colors! 3D dev diary –The most important screenshots

  1. And colorful! Don’t forget colorful. ;)

    I’m very happy with a UI look. Ernst and I worked hard on finding a something that looked fun and colorful, but that still could be very effective. It’s a little bit “out there”, but I think it works great.

  2. Fantastic! Can’t wait to get it… =) I can’t find anything missing from this application yet – except the touch sensitivity of course, but you had no choice to omit it – and the UI is clean and simple. Nice job!

  3. That UI is more friendly than professional software. I always hated how extra buttons and windows would distract me from painting.

  4. awesome, want to get it as soon as possible..!!looks like it has a lot of options to choose from for a painting..

    ..and its colorful :)

  5. one word. WOW

    @Jens, Is it possible to upload a video drawing of a picture so we can all see what is looks like when in the drawing process? or a sample of the drawing playback? so people who has a 3DS can put it on their 3DS and play the video? of course if that too much to ask don’t worry about it.

    and I’m waiting patiently till it arrives in Australia =]

  6. I can’t remember if I asked this, but if I were to paying with someone, does that person need to download the app as well, or can they draw with me via download? Just wondering. Thanks :3 keep up the good work

  7. @wei, I hope to put together a video-tutorial that should show off some of the stuff you are asking for. It might take a little bit of time to get one done though.

  8. I see a huge flaw with this application though, it’s not out yet!
    Can’t wait, checking the eshop every thursday hoping to see Colors 3D in the news box.

  9. arrrgggg! THE WAIT IS KILLING ME!!!!! it all looks so good i check up on updates everyday and im going .INSANE.

  10. I was rather disappointed to not find Colors! 3D on the German eshop today!!!
    When will it come out over here? Come on, we‛re not a third world country!
    Also, as you had mentioned that it will be possible to make-over pictures taken, will it work to load pics into every single layer, so that I could “re-do” a 3D-effect on a 2D pic by deleting not needed information through-out the layers?
    Thanks for your time… and I‛ll be (not so) patiently waiting for the European version to finally come out!
    Your‛s tombear

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