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Power of 2

Nope. Despite the semi-nerdy name, this is not a technical post. Now that Colors! 3D is finally announced, I wanted to talk about all the fun I get to have now, talking to various entities who are interested in all that we’re doing at Collecting Smiles. And one thing I have learned in the process is that it helps to have a buddy.

For the last year, my friend Shara has been helping me take Collecting Smiles from the loose organization that I started so long ago into a proper company. Just like me, Shara also spent time at LucasArts –and managed to pull off some great feats while she was there. I felt very fortunate to be able to work with her there, and so much more to have her with me at Collecting Smiles.

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Leaving Lucas

LucasArts day 572. Last Friday was my last day at LucasArts. It’s been a fantastic time, but now it’s time for me to move on. During my time there I got to lead a design team working on experimental games focused on creating new IPs. As a designer and programmer having worked on both small and big this was an amazing opportunity to really focus on rapid prototyping and building things ground up. It’s surprising how similar and different things are when you work on 6 month projects versus 2 year projects. As we are constantly reminded nowadays, the games and entertainment industry is in rapid transition and it was a luxurious opportunity to be able to touch some of the fronts of that from within the hallowed halls of Lucasfilm.

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Celebrity visits

LucasArts day 22. I’m slowly starting to get settled in here. After a move into a permanent apartment last week, almost all the stuff related to my big move has been taken care of. I got my Social Security Card, all the benefits form are filled out, my banking needs are taken care of, and yeah… I bought an iPhone. I would estimate that about 80% of the LucasArts employees have that thing. Now I do as well.  Imagine that, being a developer for it and all.

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Stop 5: Roskilde

Mud and plenty of wind can turn a tent into a flying dragon!

But since this is a gaming-blog I will not bore you with that. Instead I’d like smoothly move the topic over to licensed music in games. In The Darkness we did a pretty cool thing. We crammed the disc full with video content that ran on the in-game TVs that were scattered all over the game. Continue reading Stop 5: Roskilde

Stop 4: San Francisco

As a final US stop, San Francisco was really perfect and took the top spot of my favorite city ever. I got to hang out with Jordan from Irrational as well as Steve from Perpetual which was really cool.

San Francisco is also the home of GDC (apart from a year in San Jose). I’ve never been there myself, but it seems to have become bigger and more interesting every year. Still, it seems a bit on the hefty side to charge so much for a conference ($1450 for a classic pass), and of course the total becomes much higher for people traveling from Sweden.

Stop 3: Los Angeles

I think I’ve been to Los Angeles about 10 times and have spend about two weeks per year here the last 5 years. Mostly due to E3 of course and this will be the first time for a long time that I’m not going. E3 is quite different this year as well since they have moved it from being in the main convention centre into a couple of hotels in Santa Monica. It’s probably not a bad idea. Still, Leipzig seems like a very good replacement for E3 and is maybe more interesting since it’s for most part open for consumers as well. And you don’t have to fly for 15 hours to get there, of course.