Major Colors! iOS update. Sale on iOS and Android

We are very happy to announce that Colors! is now available for the iPad. This is being released as an upgrade to Colors! for iPhone, which can now be downloaded as a universal app in the App Store. To celebrate this, Colors! will be on sale for $2.99 for the next two weeks. We are also putting Colors! for Android on sale for $2.99, so all the Android users out there does not feel left out. So take this opportunity to give your smartphone or tablet with some Colors! love.


 Colors! for iPhone and iPad now includes:

• Added support for iPad, Retina screens and iPhone 5
• Share your paintings directly to Twitter, Facebook, or through AirPrint
• Paint using Layers!
• Updated the Colors! Gallery with support for followers, search and tagging
• Added support for Pogo Connect and JaJa Stylus
• And much more!

colors_iphone4_2 colors_iphone4_3



19 thoughts on “Major Colors! iOS update. Sale on iOS and Android

  1. Very nice update!I dont have Colors! for android or iphone but im sure that apple or android owners will love it!

  2. I like to buy it but saw google market only accepts creditcard money? can i buy an android copy from you directly with paypal like i did for de nds?

  3. I was thinking i could send you the money and ill then put it on my androids app wish list and you could let me have it that way? Im not going to switch using credit cards those pocket fillers.

  4. Alright!!! I can’t wait!!!!! I’m so excited!!! I’ve been waiting a long time for this!!,

  5. I am wondering why I am locked out from publishing. It says I have uploaded too many in a short period of time. It has said this for over 13 hours now. Is this permanent??? It keeps saying try later yet I receive the same message. I uploaded four pictures yesterday over the course of 5 hours. I never knew there was a limit. The pictures were a series I was not spamming. I even pulled two down incase I had some unknown limit. Please let me know if I will be able to ever publish again. Thanks

  6. @Elizabeth,

    You can find information about this here:

    Question: Why doesn’t The Colors! Gallery allow me to upload a painting, and tell me that I need to wait?

    To prevent abuse, we currently only allow you to upload 3 paintings per 24 hours. If you get this message, wait 24 hours and try again.

  7. Love the update! Works great on my newer devices, but it crashes on start on older ones! Happened on 1st gen iPad and 3rd gen iPod touch, both on iOS 5.1.1

  8. Hi Jens! Love “Colors 3D”! Especially like the ability to flag stuff – it makes the app more ‘family friendly’. **** Here’s my current problem – I created a new account, and it let me use “symbols” on the 3DS ‘keyboard’ to make a user name, but now when I try to log in, the “symbols” key is greyed-out so I can’t log in. Now I can’t make a new account for that e-mail address either because it says it’s in use. Any way out of this? -Bill

  9. I just now found out Colors was released for Windows 8. Why wasn’t there an article for it here?! D: However long it’s already been out, and I just bothered to skim through Win8 store’s art apps, and I found Colors, and it proved to be the real thing from Collecting Smiles.

    It’s still great to have Colors on my tablet now, but I would have liked some prior notice. :/

  10. @HyperChu, Colors! for Windows 8 is only available as an App Preview version, which is still full of bugs and have a lot of its features disabled. We hope to release a proper version of Colors! for Windows 8 at some point, at which point will start supporting it officially.

  11. It says it can’t make an account for me? And i read somewhere that you wait a month and I did. It’s says to contact colors. But I don’t know how? What do I do?

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