Colors! video export now available on Android

Watching painting playbacks are cool, but it has always been bugging us that there haven’t been any good tools to export those playbacks as videos. If you ran the original version of Colors! for Nintendo DS, you could use the ColorsDraw tool, but we stopped supporting that quite a while ago and it doesn’t work on newer versions of Colors! (like Colors! 3D). So we are very happy to announce the video export feature for Colors! for Android.

If you are running the full version of Colors! on an Android device running at least 4.1 (Jelly Bean), you can now export any painting playback as a video-file. In the future, we hope to bring this functionality to Colors! for iOS and perhaps more importantly, to allow this directly from, but for now this is an Android 4.1 exclusive feature.

This update also brings Colors! for Android up to par in terms of gallery features, where all the good things that Colors! 3D user have been using for a while, like followers, search and tags, are now available.

Colors! for iOS has also received a nice update which includes the reference photo features that I know many of you have been missing.


23 thoughts on “Colors! video export now available on Android

  1. @big-splat, No, it is unlikely that something like this will make it to Colors! 3D, as it would take a huge amount of time to encode something on a Nintendo 3DS. The best we can do is that you can use the Android version to export playbacks of the paintings you created in Colors! 3D. As mentioned, we also hope to bring this to iOS and later on directly from, which I guess sort-of would allow you to do it from the Nintendo 3DS browser.

  2. HAY! do you coleting smiles people know why flipnote stuidos 3d isn’t out yet. cuz you guys should do a update that lets you do animations! SO PLZ THINK ABOUT IT! LOTSSS of people on colors are makeing paintings like: they should do animations update or ill quit! AGAIN PLZ THINK ABOUT IT AND if you guys at least dont there will be L0TS of people quiting TRUST ME!

  3. @amber
    I personally don’t see that happening anytime soon. The people who are quitting because of no animation should just suck it up and wait for Flipnote. I don’t advise using Inchworm, by the way. The way framerates work is extremely annoying for me.
    If they were to add animating to Colors, things would go insane. The true animators would take their time to create amazing animations that are worth the space they take up on the server, while foolish attention-grabbers spam the servers with scribbly bad-looking animations. Colors also puts too much detail in pictures for easy animating. Animating will not come.

  4. @Hyperchu, sorry, no ETA on that. Also, it will be a bit longer as well, as we have a few other things prioritized before that happens (PSVita update etc.)

  5. When will you fix my colors account. I sent you multiple e-mails but your not replying. Please fix it. It says I’m not 13 but I am.

  6. realy like this ap for the price but seriously annoyed at the lack of brushes, effects, and general options. I am big into these kind of apps but they all seem lacking (using on a vita) maybe a select tool and a wayto selct and copy would be nice alog with some new brushes and tweaking the fade tool to where it has a 100%full color capability for when some one wants solid color without having to continualy go over the same area

  7. @Toro, Sorry, but this is not possible for us to do because all save data on the Nintendo 3DS is encrypted.

  8. Have efforts for new features on Colors applications ceased? I was kind of hoping for a comments section for user profiles, not just their art. And I was really hoping for a full Windows 8/RT version of Colors.

  9. @Hyperchu, New features will definitely be continued to be added! We’re currently working on improving the Gallery’s performance to help cope with the growing number of users.

    Thanks for the user profile suggestion. We will take that into consideration! As for a full Windows 8 version, we’re still looking into that and what that will require exactly.

  10. In addition for a comments section for user profiles, it would also be nice to have an option to make paintings private/public. By the way, I have this painting I copied from the gallery that causes my 3ds to crash.

  11. It’s been a year since the last software update for Colors 3D, and over a year since the last development announcement on this site for any version of Colors. It’s kind of sad to see that news on the app came to an abrupt halt in late 2013…

    @Jens: Has Colors left your priorities? I still greatly enjoy Colors 3D and hope for the “comments on paintings you’ve commented on” feature to return as it’s been missing since Apr. 2013 if I remember correctly…. There also has been no development over the months in the iOS and Windows8/RT versions.
    If you aren’t able to allocate enough time to Colors anymore, do you think you could bring in people who could assist in improving the Colors applications, primarily Colors 3D?

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