The future of Colors! and Yoku’s Island Express

This June, it will be 10 years since I first released Colors! as a prototype for the Nintendo DS. Since then, it has lived on a multitude of platforms like iPhone, Android and PSVita, but no version has been so successful as Colors! 3D for Nintendo 3DS, which still is one of the best sold titles on the Nintendo eShop and one of the top reviewed titles for the platform.

With last week’s launch of Nintendo Switch, we’ve gotten questions about the future of Colors!. What we’ve built together with the community is very dear to us and the almost 4 million (!) paintings in the gallery is something we treasure. It is important to us to allow that to keep growing, and we plan to support it as long as we can, hopefully indefinitely.

We’ve also been asked if there will be a version of Colors! for Nintendo Switch. We love the Nintendo Switch (and Zelda is absolutely amazing). However, at the moment, we are not working on bringing Colors! over to that platform as we are heads down working on a brand new game. Once we’ve finished that I’ll take a long hard look to see if the Switch would be a good platform for Colors!.

Our new game is called Yoku’s Island Express, which I’m building together with a new team called Villa Gorilla. It’s an open world pinball adventure for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. I invite you to check our reveal trailer out at

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10 thoughts on “The future of Colors! and Yoku’s Island Express

  1. Well, If you’re planning to release games for PC… you better release a Colors! Version for Windows platforms.
    No? no…? :)

  2. My Colors! On my 3ds won’t let me create an account, I wanted to know if you were just not letting people create accounts anymore or if there’s something wrong with my app? Sorry for the inconvenience, I love the tool btw, I use it a lot and it helped me grow as an artist

  3. I just wanted to let you know that it’s been years since I’ve enjoyed a game as much as I have Yoku’s Island Express. It has exactly what I want out of gaming which seems to be harder to find lately. If a sequel is ever made it will be an instant purchase for me and I will definitely look forward to future releases from you.

  4. Colors on Nintendo switch would totally change everything on the system. Colors by itself would be a reason to own a switch. And I’ve sold one for a 2ds due to the lack of a proper art app. Please, please, please bring colors to the switch I don’t care if it’s the same exact version as the 3ds. I’m sorry but your game can wait your fans are demanding you bring it back. Please bring the colors back in life. Right now everything is black, white and boring video games. I need art on my switch not a color book.

  5. Colors is the most influential app in the world in mine and alot of peoples lives and it is a shame to not have it on the latest device such as the switch that would be absolutely perfect for it. What you have created is a digital masterpiece as well as a miracle. The connections that it brings are beyond imagination. Colors brings joy , sadness, happy times and inspiration. I’ll ask again please, please, please bring it back. And thankyou for such a creation. I’m the one called “Ninja-G”, “Ninja Rebirth” or whatever art names I go by on colors. I would like to begin again my artistic raids on this lovely app.

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