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I’ve talked a bit about games and art in the past, but something that is much harder to pinpoint is programming art. I was introduced to programming art a long time ago with the demo-scene, where people are creating beautiful applications that often try to do things with a computer that computers weren’t meant for. Another example is one of my great inspirations Karl Sims. While I’m not sure he ever claimed that his work was art, I have a hard time not calling it that while seeing his Virtual Creatures. Last January, I was introduced to another style of programming art by Miltos Manetas who created the site He inspired me to create some of the things exhibited together with Rorschach at Godsmagasinet in Uppsala. One of those creations was something called Replicating Blot which you can check out here.

As with any other trade like writing or painting, programming is an excellent material to create works of art. The difference is that it is a material that is quickly changing along with the technology it relies on, but that just makes it more interesting.

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  1. I’m a long time “Scener” – it was fun to see you mention the demo scene. =)

    I was with a graphics (Ansi/ascii and later vga/hirez) crew from the USA which carved out a reputation for itself in the scene, and took home quite a few graphics awards at various demo parties.
    My years working with ACiD Productions was a fun chapter in my life!

    Colors! on my iPhone is soooo rad – I enjoy the hell out of it!
    Just wanted to say that. ;)


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