Power of 2

Nope. Despite the semi-nerdy name, this is not a technical post. Now that Colors! 3D is finally announced, I wanted to talk about all the fun I get to have now, talking to various entities who are interested in all that we’re doing at Collecting Smiles. And one thing I have learned in the process is that it helps to have a buddy.

For the last year, my friend Shara has been helping me take Collecting Smiles from the loose organization that I started so long ago into a proper company. Just like me, Shara also spent time at LucasArts –and managed to pull off some great feats while she was there. I felt very fortunate to be able to work with her there, and so much more to have her with me at Collecting Smiles.

But before we even got to Colors! 3D, we had to start representing ourselves and communicating the vision for what Colors! could become. And for as long as I’ve been working at this project, it’s funny how much of my goals I never had to put into words – let alone communicate out loud to an audience.

Suffice to say, this is a working in progress. Despite all the practice I’ve gotten over the years, I’ve never been comfortable talking about the things I’m working on in “pitch” form. Perhaps it’s due to being born and raised in Sweden, or that I really dislike people who are full of themselves, but presenting your stuff is really hard. Thankfully, it’s much easier if you are not alone, so I’m really happy to have a buddy with me.

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