Did you hear about this underappreciated game?

I just saw the first batch of reviews on Halo 3. That’s amazing. I never though they would score that great. On top of that Bioshock turned out to be incredibly as well. It’s a good time to be a gamer. While waiting to get my hands on Halo, I wanted to talk a bit about a game that’s close to my heart:

Pokémon. Yes, you heard me right, the Gotta catch’em all one. Every time I talk to someone about this game I get the same thing.
– Pokémon? Are you serious? Isn’t that a children’s game?
Well, maybe, but it’s still one of the finest RPG ever created. Not many people around me have tried this game but the few I’ve managed to convince to try it out have never been disappointed, so I don’t think I’m wrong here. So why is it that so few people try it out? Well, I shouldn’t really say few people, with 10 million or so children (or Japanese people) get their regular fix with this game. But why so few adult gamers? Pokémon always score well on reviews with the latest one scoring 85%. This score should at least get people curious to try it out, but still I don’t see it. It’s definitely not a problem with marketing, since I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t know what Pokémon is. Still, no luck. So, what is it? Are we really so uptight and rigid that we don’t give something great a chance just because it’s a bit childish? Or am I just missing something?

2 thoughts on “Did you hear about this underappreciated game?

  1. Perhaps the problem infact lies with the marketing. It’s marketed towards kids, and grown ups usually don’t want to be related with something ‘childish’ or with seen playing with a kids toy. Sure, they could do it in discretion, but it’s psychologically repulsive to even try it. If ever a Barbie RPG would be released that recieved perfect score, still no one would play it, since only 7 year old girls plays with Barbies, right?

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