Colors! 3D update available on April 5 – Celebrate by winning a Wii U™ console


We’ve finally got the go-ahead by Nintendo to release our big Colors! 3D update and it will be available in the eShop on April 5 absolutely free. We can’t tell you how excited we are about this – there are so many features that we’ve been waiting for you to get your hands on. Just look at this list:

• Follow your favorite artists in the gallery to make sure you don’t miss any of their paintings
• Customize your Nintendo 3DS button setup to streamline your painting flow
• Use the new search-bar to easily find paintings of your favorite topics
• Filter paintings in the gallery based on if they used a reference photo not – only want to see original works? No problem
• See what tools you and others used to create a painting – and find out who spent over 30 hours on a single work!
• Get news directly in Colors! 3D about everything from gallery improvements to painting contests
• Make your own gallery page more individual by customizing it with a message and a profile picture
• Tag your paintings with the new #tags system for other users to easily find them
• And tons (and tons) of other additions and bug-fixes

You can find a more detailed change-list here.

To celebrate this, we will be launching our first big painting contest in a long time – Paint the world in colors. First price is a brand new Wii U™ console that will be awarded to the painting that we feel best represents the topic. We also have a bunch of runner-up prices: XStylus Crayons, generously provided by

1st price – Nintendo Wii U™ Deluxe Set
Runner-up (2 winners) – XStylus Crayon pack
Random participants (2 winners) – XStylus Crayon pack

And you can start right away. Just upload one or more painting with the “paint the world in colors” theme to the Colors! Gallery, and use the tag #painttheworld in the description. The deadline is April 25, and you can use Colors! on any platform to participate. You can read the fine-print about contests here. Good luck!

Colors! 3D has been a bigger success than we could have ever imagined. From getting the Metacritic 3DS Game of the Year award to topping the eShop sales-charts for over a month. This update is a thank you to all of you who made that happen!


Nintendo is not a sponsor of this promotion

113 thoughts on “Colors! 3D update available on April 5 – Celebrate by winning a Wii U™ console

  1. i was hoping you guys would also have Colors 3D on sale to go along with the update. i was unable to get an eShop card in time for your last sale back at the end of july. do you have any plans for a sale on Colors 3D any time soon or can you not say? since it looks like Flipnote 3D will come around the end of may, it would be reasonable to have the sale in the middle of may, right?

  2. @Jens
    Thank You for creating Colors3D!
    I have been enjoying using Colors since the 1st homebrew release on NDS.
    Do you have any plans for Colors or any other software for Wii U?
    I would love to see this happen.

  3. Hi I’m having trouble making a gallery account. Whenever I try a message comes up saying,”Sorry we cannot create an account for you at this time. Referance number:1382473213″ What is wrong? Can you please help me?

  4. Love this app! Just one thing would be a big improvement; export layer(s). It would be easier than saving and keeping multiple copies of my work with different layers deleted, for a modular animation project.

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