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Strip Mails In Current Folder

Regarding my recent mail-cleaning session I’ve modified a small VBA script I found at Nicola Delfino’s blog that removes attachments from old mails to get the data-base size down. Changes are:

· Processes all mails in the currently selected folder instead of the currently selected mails
· Doesn’t add the ATTACH REMOVED string anymore since using WordEditor made my Outlook wonky for some mails
· Limits the size by throwing away all data after 16384 characters (I had a bunch of 500Kb mails containing program logs)

First time I’ve used VBA. Kind of neat. You can download the script here.

Non-stop audio diary & Memory enhancing technologies

No one can argue that technology has changed how humans think and behave in a very fundamental way. A very simple example is how easy cell phones have made it to meet up with someone while you are out. Before the cell phone you had to carefully plan where and when you would meet while nowadays you just use the cell when it’s time. This may sound like a small thing, but it’s a big change in how you think about planning and also in required personal responsibility.

Another area that I think will make a big impact is forms of memory enhancing technology. People have used PDAs with calendars for a while, but that’s just the beginning. Continue reading Non-stop audio diary & Memory enhancing technologies