Announcing Colors Live!

NEW PROJECT ALERT! Colors has always been a passion-project of mine, and with the last release dating back to 2012, it’s about time to get an update out there!

This time it’s for Nintendo Switch and since the Switch doesn’t have a stylus, we had to make our own! There’s also an innovative new game-mode that I’m really excited about.

The previous incarnation, Colors! 3D, did amazingly well, both critically and commercially. After that, I wanted to make a more traditional game, so I went ahead and made Yoku’s Island Express with some awesome people. Meanwhile, Nintendo went ahead and released the Nintendo Switch. It’s an amazing gaming console, but it didn’t have stylus so I thought it wouldn’t have been a good fit for Colors. However, when a friend of mine in Hong Kong showed me his latest invention, a pressure-sensitive stylus that you plugged into the audio-jack, I realized it would be a great fit for both Colors! and the Switch.

Colors Live is many first first for me. It’s my first Kickstarter and it’s my first time working on a hardware product. Today is the first day of the 30 day Kickstarter campaign that will help us get the pen into production.

Let’s hope it goes well!

3 thoughts on “Announcing Colors Live!

  1. My account got suspended and it said i was under 13, which I’m not. I am almost 14 years old and would like my account back, please , I really like this game.

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