Colors! v1.06

Colors! v1.06 is now released.

Colors! is a simplistic digital application for Nintendo DS based on modern painting-techniques developed for drawing tablets in programs like Photoshop. By taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the DS touch-screen it becomes a perfect portable digital sketch-book.

Current features
Hard and soft circular brush
Pressure-sensitivity can affect opacity and brush-size
512×384 image resolution with 2 stage zoom
Replay the whole painting process of an image
Hue-circle and luminance and saturation-triangle style palette
Load and Save to memory card
Send painting as e-mail using Wi-Fi

Major updates in v1.06
Major precision overhaul
Opacity slider in brush-screen
Pressure-Controls-Size option in brush-screen
New user-interface with graphics by
Playback controls with the option to continue painting from mid-playback
The possibility to send your painting directly to an e-mail address
Unlimited save slots
One additional zoom-level

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317 thoughts on “Colors! v1.06

  1. Thank you! Being able to draw full-colour drawings on something as small as a DS Lite is definitely very cool!

    Alas, I seem to have run into issues. I’m using the EDGE card and when saving, a lot of times it just hangs after 30% percent or so. Nothing happens in the next 5 minutes, so I usually just turn it off and then I find my files corrupted. Saddening, since that means losing all drawings, not just the one I was saving..

    I have had a few other crashes as well, but most occur when saving with Colors! Any thoughts on that?

  2. for anyone how suffers the same problem as me (see previous post – sept 21,2008) it turned out to be a faulty sd card, got a new one and it all works fine.

  3. I really like Colors

    It´s what I mostly use the DS for, I don´t use the DS to play that much since I installed Colors.

    Other than that it would be cool to have at least 2 separate layers to work with,

    one for foreground and another for the background, Like Animanatee has

    That would force Colors to have an erase tool too

    the layers and an undo are the features that I miss the most in Colors

    other than that it´s great

  4. I first found out about Colors at a Life Drawing class were a friend was using it to sketch the life model. 2 days later I bought a DS just for this program and now I carry it everywhere, just in case I have a spare minute for full colour sketching.

    It’s so easy and intuitive to use, and I’m actually glad it doesn’t have layers as this encourages me to concentrate on my drawing (I tend to get distracted into “cheating” with layers when I paint in photoshop.)

    I’m hoping to take Colors and the DS with me when I tour South America in a few months time, as the perfect full colour pocket sketchbook, we’ll see if I can find the odd wifi hotspot while I’m out there so I can email my pictures back to friends.

    Thankyou again for a fantastic piece of software, a fair few of my friends are now digging out their neglected DS’s to try out Colors for themselves.

    Cheers! M

  5. Thanks a lot. Now all my ds games are boring compared to this. If I had to lose all my ds games and only keep colors ds I would still be content. But if I lost colors DS being left with just games, I would be sad. Thats how great this program is. It should be on the store shelves and exposed more.

    Not to be negative, because I am all for any updates. But the only thing I see with layers is that anyone could load a .png and trace over it. I think colors DS is good the way it is. It is much more impressive to see artists doing some very detailed and realistic paintings with its limited features.

    I am very grateful for this little program. Now I have a sketchpad wherever I go. I think you guys know your work on this ds-app is greatly appreciated by everyone who enjoys using it.

  6. i dont know if ive completely missed or overlooked the feature if it exists… but if it doesnt. could you possibly incorporate some kind of eraser function. like hold a button in and it will be in eraser mode while its held so we dont have to go into the color pallet and get out the white and then have to switch back again and have to try to find that exact same color we were working with?
    just an idea :)
    besides that… i effing love this homebrew! <3

  7. Hi Jens & everyone,
    a New DS has been announced…(not a major evolution IMHO, but still…)
    it is called DSi, have you already checked the specs ? ;)
    Can’t wait to hear from you & new Colors adaptations…

  8. Colors! is fantastic! It gets me better drawings than I can actually draw on paper :)

    I was recently looking for sources to develop a drawing application for mobile devices in Flash Lite, and then I remembered Colors! and ran straight here. I think Colors! is the perfect model for the app I’m trying to make! Would it be possible to get some advice on this subject? I’d really appreciate the help. The device I’m thinking to create for is LG Viewty, with 400*200 pixels pressure-touch LCD and a firmware for Flash Lite 2.0. It’ll be nothing commercial.

    Since more and more handheld devices will support Flash Lite, I think a Flash Lite version of Colors! might be nice, too.

    Well, even if you don’t have any advice for me,
    I thank you always for this wonderful app!

  9. I don’t own an iphone but when I saw the colors! homepage, I was all “OMG! this is awesome!”
    Great work on this one
    I bet the new ds version will be uber-awesome as well, take your time to make it even better ;)

  10. Hehe, no wonder we haven’t seen any updates for the DS in so long. You’ve been busy with the iPhone version! That’s pretty sweet. I’m glad too see that you are making a little cash off this program. Hopefully you’ll find time to make the DS version a little better in your spare time. :)

  11. I’m really impressed with Colors! I turn mine sideways and draw on it like I’m hold a sketchpad…maybe I’ll make a book cover for it.

    Will we be seeing a Rectangle/sqaure shaped brush anytime in the future? I would love to see that.

  12. So people are still finding their way to the comments section. :)

    Anyway. I do believe that there will be an Colors! v1.1 update. As you might have seen, my priorities are slightly different now, but it’s definitely on top of my todo-list for things I want/need to do whenever I get the time. As for an ETA, I can’t say, but my guess would be in 2-4 months, completely guessing of course. So have faith in me for some time longer. :)

  13. Colors! is awesome.
    It’s just sad that it’s no longer getting updates, it’s pretty much the only thing I do on NDS.
    You should totally update it, secretly… then when your projects are finished, release it… >:P

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