Etrian Odyssey – Modern nostalgica

I managed to get hold of a game for the DS called Etrian Odyssey that I feel the need to rave a little about. I’m still not really sure that it’s a good game, but if you are like me and have grown up with computer role-playing games this game will definitely do the trick for you.

This game is mean in so many ways. It’s has a narcissistic save-system. It’s extremely hard and unforgiving. Early choices you do in the game have a huge effect on your chance of survival later on. Of course there is a kicker in there as well; you have to draw your own maps. Remember the last time you had to do that? I must have been 10-15 years ago. Ah, I had books and books of that sweet checkered paper. Well, of course the NDS helps you with the map-drawing things, and you do that on the lower screen, but it still captures that nostalgic feeling of exploration that is so hard to find in modern games. I also love seeing new creative ways (with a focus on creativity) to use the touch-screen.

If you never played those games back in the days. You probably should stay away from this game. But if you did, there is a good chance you’ll get hooked. I was.

2 thoughts on “Etrian Odyssey – Modern nostalgica

  1. Hey. I love colors. I bought my DS just because of that, and I’m amazed at how well it works.
    My only real suggestion is I wish it had a simple, one-click undo.
    Check out my gallery of DS paintings…

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