Colors! 3D update available on April 5 – Celebrate by winning a Wii U™ console


We’ve finally got the go-ahead by Nintendo to release our big Colors! 3D update and it will be available in the eShop on April 5 absolutely free. We can’t tell you how excited we are about this – there are so many features that we’ve been waiting for you to get your hands on. Just look at this list:

• Follow your favorite artists in the gallery to make sure you don’t miss any of their paintings
• Customize your Nintendo 3DS button setup to streamline your painting flow
• Use the new search-bar to easily find paintings of your favorite topics
• Filter paintings in the gallery based on if they used a reference photo not – only want to see original works? No problem
• See what tools you and others used to create a painting – and find out who spent over 30 hours on a single work!
• Get news directly in Colors! 3D about everything from gallery improvements to painting contests
• Make your own gallery page more individual by customizing it with a message and a profile picture
• Tag your paintings with the new #tags system for other users to easily find them
• And tons (and tons) of other additions and bug-fixes

You can find a more detailed change-list here.

To celebrate this, we will be launching our first big painting contest in a long time – Paint the world in colors. First price is a brand new Wii U™ console that will be awarded to the painting that we feel best represents the topic. We also have a bunch of runner-up prices: XStylus Crayons, generously provided by

1st price – Nintendo Wii U™ Deluxe Set
Runner-up (2 winners) – XStylus Crayon pack
Random participants (2 winners) – XStylus Crayon pack

And you can start right away. Just upload one or more painting with the “paint the world in colors” theme to the Colors! Gallery, and use the tag #painttheworld in the description. The deadline is April 25, and you can use Colors! on any platform to participate. You can read the fine-print about contests here. Good luck!

Colors! 3D has been a bigger success than we could have ever imagined. From getting the Metacritic 3DS Game of the Year award to topping the eShop sales-charts for over a month. This update is a thank you to all of you who made that happen!


Nintendo is not a sponsor of this promotion

113 thoughts on “Colors! 3D update available on April 5 – Celebrate by winning a Wii U™ console

  1. umm… the update was suppose to be on already but there wren’t anything like that how come?

  2. ummm… never mind it probably where i am right now! got too excited for no reason so if it my area it would probably be 6th of April instead of 5th then

  3. anyone know what time is goes live? Noonish? It’s 5am where I’m at now got a wile to wait still. xD


  5. Reshared from Ryan Smith: To anyone having trouble getting the update: If you simply check for updates, the EShop will say no updates are available for any of your titles. But if you go to My Downloads, then scroll down to Colors! 3D, you’ll find that coveted Update button.

  6. Woot! It’s downloading now! Can’t wait try out all thse new features!

    Thanks Jens!

    Also for anyone new coming in, to UPDATE Colors 3D, you have to go to ‘My Downloads’ in the eShop to find the update.

  7. The update looks cool. Just wondering about the reference photo thing. A lot of my paintings say I used a reference photo when I didn’t. Is this a bug?

  8. I have a question! *raises hand* Now that we can search I’m seeing alot of the exact same painting posted many times. Can/should we report that as spam?

  9. @soraxcloud, we are still trying to figure out what we should treat as spam or not. Our policy up till this point has been pretty lenient and it has only been in extreme cases where we have taken actions against users for spam. (spamming their painting more than 8 times etc.)

  10. @Stephanie, I’m guessing you are referring to the greyed out camera icon that you can see in the comments. That one means that we can’t tell if you used a reference painting or not.

  11. Alrighty that’s what I’m seeing. I immediately searched kingdom hearts as it is my favorite thing and there is one painting that has to be in there atleast 10 times almost in a row. xP

  12. It is confusing when you say ‘used reference’ as traditionally and literally this means simply refering to an image or object to help you draw accurately. It does not mean tracing.

  13. Would someone please explain the tags wc161 and colors11 please, I’m having a doh! day. Thanks in advance :)

  14. @commodore, you are right. This is completely intentional. We can only detect if people used the reference photo feature or not. We cannot detect if people used that reference for tracing.

  15. @Linski, #wc161 is the weekly challenge 161. You can find more info about that in the news section. #colors11 is just a short-hand for the update: Colors! 3D v1.1

  16. I have a question about the contest. If we use a photo or drawing of our own as a reference, would that affect the judging?

  17. @FlintENT, hard to tell. It might. It sort of depends on why we think the winning painting deserves to win.

  18. I take photos of sketches I do on paper, because it’s easier for me to draw that way… now I can’t upload any of it ever again? ):

  19. Okay, thanks for answering my last question. So does this mean that judging is based on the process of the drawing and the final results?

  20. Uhh sorry to say but I’m having a problem just recently colors 3d won’t let me comment on paintings it always says “unexpected error while communicating with the gallery” and it’s not just me lots of my 3ds friends and other colors users are experiencing the same problem, do you know what’s up?

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  22. @Jens – thank you for your reply :)
    @Cesar – I’ve experienced it occasionally but just put it down to there being a lot of traffic on the site. Don’t know whether that is the reason though :/

  23. @Cesar,

    On Tuesday we had a problem with the Colors! Gallery where it was impossible to post comments for a period of 8 hours. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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