Colors! 3D update available on April 5 – Celebrate by winning a Wii U™ console


We’ve finally got the go-ahead by Nintendo to release our big Colors! 3D update and it will be available in the eShop on April 5 absolutely free. We can’t tell you how excited we are about this – there are so many features that we’ve been waiting for you to get your hands on. Just look at this list:

• Follow your favorite artists in the gallery to make sure you don’t miss any of their paintings
• Customize your Nintendo 3DS button setup to streamline your painting flow
• Use the new search-bar to easily find paintings of your favorite topics
• Filter paintings in the gallery based on if they used a reference photo not – only want to see original works? No problem
• See what tools you and others used to create a painting – and find out who spent over 30 hours on a single work!
• Get news directly in Colors! 3D about everything from gallery improvements to painting contests
• Make your own gallery page more individual by customizing it with a message and a profile picture
• Tag your paintings with the new #tags system for other users to easily find them
• And tons (and tons) of other additions and bug-fixes

You can find a more detailed change-list here.

To celebrate this, we will be launching our first big painting contest in a long time – Paint the world in colors. First price is a brand new Wii U™ console that will be awarded to the painting that we feel best represents the topic. We also have a bunch of runner-up prices: XStylus Crayons, generously provided by

1st price – Nintendo Wii U™ Deluxe Set
Runner-up (2 winners) – XStylus Crayon pack
Random participants (2 winners) – XStylus Crayon pack

And you can start right away. Just upload one or more painting with the “paint the world in colors” theme to the Colors! Gallery, and use the tag #painttheworld in the description. The deadline is April 25, and you can use Colors! on any platform to participate. You can read the fine-print about contests here. Good luck!

Colors! 3D has been a bigger success than we could have ever imagined. From getting the Metacritic 3DS Game of the Year award to topping the eShop sales-charts for over a month. This update is a thank you to all of you who made that happen!


Nintendo is not a sponsor of this promotion

113 thoughts on “Colors! 3D update available on April 5 – Celebrate by winning a Wii U™ console

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  2. Great! It’s such a relief that now i can do so much more! Thank you sooooooo much! (And, it’s on my brother’s birthday!)

  3. @Brad, yes, we will roll out these improvements to Android, PSVita and the all-to-neglected iOS version as well.

  4. It’s about time… Though with as many times add we’ve been promised said update, I’m not going to believe it til I see it… I’ve never felt so lied to and misled in my life… It’s been MONTHS… :(

    I hope to GOD that it turns out to be worth the stress….

  5. Are there no limitations to the countries or will you send prizes to anywhere in the world?

    At the same time, this is awesome news! I’ve been looking forward to this so much. Thanks, guys!

  6. @Louise,

    As long as it’s a place where they sell Wii Us, then it should be fine. If it’s not, we’ll figure something else out. :)

  7. AWESOME! Thank you so much. When the update comes out, look me up with the search bar. Name: Lorenzo567

  8. And it is 3 days before I joined Colors! 3d. Happy 1st Anniversary to Colors! 3d. I will give it a shot for a 2nd Wi U!

  9. So glad to see it’s finally here!!! ^-^
    I already have a Deluxe Wii U that I love very much, but I’d still like to participate in the contest anyways.

    And about one of the surprise features you mentioned here~
    OMG! Thank you so much for adding the option to have a main profile picture and text description! This was one of the features I wanted most to be added to the online gallery! I am so excited for this update! :D

  10. Also… Did anyone else notice this?! The update is being released on the same exact day Colors 3D came out one year ago! :D

  11. Wait! For the contest, Does it supposed to be about painting the world on colors? Or does it mean Painting the Colors! World? Or does it mean Painting the world colors, Colors simbolizing the awesome community? I am confuzzeled! D:
    Also thank you sooooo much for making it local time instead of wherever that was. :)

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  13. Hey, nice! I’ve already made an entry to the contest, and hopefully I win the Wii U! (Not being selfish or anything…)

  14. Well glad to hear been waiting awhile you guys at colors to great work one feature that would of been cool would be to put music in the background while playing the playback -recorded- (my opinion) But you guys are boss just hope it stays active since hatena is coming to 3ds ^,^

  15. Very excited! Can I just say, happy anniversary! :D Colors! Has brought me great joy ever since I joined! I simply cannot wait for the update, I have been excited ever since the very first mention. I think I might have to try for the Wii u! I have always wanted one. :3

  16. Please add more brushes and option to cut and paste! And please, layers!

    It would make the app MORE PERFECT than it is.

    I love Colors 3D!

  17. Hey! Can you by any chance answer the question above? There are many ways you could interpret “Paint The World In Colors”. Sorry I just hasta know so I can start my submission. :)

  18. It’s great to see the update come out.

    I feel the contest, though, should be more specific, because there can be many ways to “paint the world in colors”. I feel it won’t be balanced.

  19. @Someone, any interpretation is fine. It’s all about being creative with the theme. You can submit as many paintings as you want. (but this won’t increase your chances for the random prizes).

    @FlintENT, that’s the idea. We wanted a very broad topic with very varied submissions. :)

  20. I have a quick question: I’ve uploaded a work-in-progress shot of a piece of art and have been told that I should enter the final piece in this contest. Will my entry be classed as a re-upload under these circumstances, or does that rule only apply to people spamming multiple entries of their art under the #painttheworld tag?

  21. @Cath, as long as your submission is clearly changed from the previous upload, I think it should be ok. The idea with the limitation is that people just shouldn’t upload an old painting that just accidentally fit the theme. Instead, it should be fair so that everyone has the same opportunity to participate, and has the same amount of time to do it. All this will be taken into account when choosing the winning painting.

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  23. @Jens
    Hello, I was wondering if the Collecting Smiles staff used any of my (update idea) drawings for any ideas for this big update. Something tells me either you or them will say, but even if they did, it would be an extreme honor! :D And if you or them want, I can create more ideas to help! :D
    My Channel, for proof:

  24. @AkaLink77, we try to gather feedback about Colors! from all different places. Most of the features in the update has been requested by a lot of different users. I do recognize your idea paintings though, so who knows, maybe they tipped the balance when we decided if we should implement a specific feature or not.

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