Games as a respected cultural media

My mom called me the other day. She had seen an article in Svenska Dagbladet where I did an interview about The Darkness (I found it on the web here). The article apparently took up a full page in the culture section of the paper. Pause to think about that for a second. A video game was given that much room in the culture section one of the biggest and most respected newspapers in Sweden. I’ve been traveling Europe and US a bit doing promotion work for The Darkness, and from what I’ve heard that is something that would happen in very few countries. We should be really happy that video games have become so accepted as a cultural media in Sweden. Or as my mom said, “You know, that is where they review Shakespeare plays!”. Of course, we have some way to go before games can be compared to Shakespeare and she also said “I almost missed the article, because half the page was covered with this really disturbing picture”. Well, perhaps next game will make mom proud.

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