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As you may know I’m currently on sabbatical from the games-industry and my company Starbreeze. After having the best job I can imagine for 8 years, I felt I needed a change of scenery and decided to take the money I had managed to put away and burn it on things that makes me feel wiser. You can see some of those things on this site, with small projects of different kinds; some art-projects, some game-projects and some other things that may or may not be good ideas.

The biggest of these projects is one that I haven’t really started on. It’s the project that I’ve been hoping to do for quite some time, and it’s the project that made me create this site in the first place. It’s the Collecting Smiles project.

The idea behind the Collecting Smiles project is to collect different smiles throughout the world. It is supposed to give me a reason to travel and force me to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t meet. In every country I visit, I will take a picture of a smiling person living in that country. I will also collect the smiles of other people traveling and while I don’t know how possible it is, I hope to collect the smile of a person inspiring the people of that country, ideally the president/prime minister. The goal is to collect all smiles in each category from every country in the world.

I just came back from what I guess you could call a dry-run of this project, where I visited Israel, Thailand and China, and I’m starting to realize how hard this will be (surprise!). Ambitions (and pretentious) as this may be, it’s still something I need to try and hopefully things will get rolling soon. Of course, I’ll make heavy use of the internet for this project with the hopes of eventually building a community to help me with the “inspiring-smiles” part. I’ve set up a prototype site for the purpose of the project that can be found here.

10 thoughts on “Collecting Smiles

  1. Hey,
    I just found out about colors and wasn’t sure where I can comment on how great it is!! =)

    Thanks so much for your work and god bless!

    Happy new years!

  2. hey! when i downloaded Colors!, i couldn’t STOP smiling :-) so please come to down to my place (South Africa) and get my smile :-)

  3. @boogie, That is the e-mail address to our support line, so will need to use your e-mail account to send us a message.

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