Yoku’s Island Express awards

Released May 29, 2018 for PC/Switch/Xbox One/PS4
Developed by Villa Gorilla, Published by Team17
Created by: Jens Andersson, Mattias Snygg & Linus Larsson
Metacritic: 84

15nd British Academy Games Awards (BAFTA), Best Debut (Won)
18th Annual NAVGTR Awards, Best Orignal Family Game  (Won)
The Game Awards 2018, Best Debut Indie Game (Nominated)
15nd British Academy Games Awards (BAFTA), Best Family Game (Nominated)
19th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, Best Debut (Nominated)
2019 G.A.N.G. Awards, Best Sound Design for an Indie Game (Nominated)
8th Annual New York Game Awards, Best Kids Game (Nominated)
Develop:Star Awards 2019, Best Game Design (Nominated)
Develop:Star Awards 2019, Best Original IP (Nominated)
Develop:Star Awards 2019, Best Visual Art (Nominated)

Xbox Achievement, Best Indie (Won)
PlayStation Trophies, Best Indie (Won)
VideoChums, Genre-Blender of the Year (Won)
Continue Magazine, Best Adventure Game (Won)
3D News, Cutest Game of the Year (Won)
IGN, Best Platformer (Nominated)
Destructoid, Best Switch Game (Nominated)