Games Retrospective – 2018

First half of the year wasn’t a very active one for me due to finishing up the development of our own Yoku’s Island Express. However, after shipping Yoku, I’ve dedicated a good chunk of time to making my games-backlog smaller. The Game of the Year contenders for me this year was all indie: Celeste, Dead Cells and Hollow Knight. (This might be because I haven’t yet gotten to the AAA beasts of God of War and Spiderman, but I will!)

Celeste is an almost perfect game. The very powerful story really complemented the hard-as-nails game. I was most impressed by the fantastic level-design that empowered the player better than I’ve ever seen before.

Hollow Knight is the best metroidvania game I’ve played. Deceptively long and keeps getting better the longer you play. The enemy and boss-design was the stand-out for me in this game. It was first released in 2017, but I didn’t really know about it until its Switch release this year where it seems to have gotten the notoriety it deserves.

Dead Cells hooked me as a very few games have. It being an action rouge-lite should be a turn-off, but for this game it works wonders. The meta-progression combined with the increase in the player’s skill and the general tightness of combat in this game boosts the feeling of mastery in a fantastic way. Also, the randomized weapons force you to adapt and change your playstyle all the time, which is something I’m normally lacking from action games. It’s not a perfect game, but it will inspire me for years to come. Because of this Dead Cells is my game of the year of 2018.

Other notable things about my game-year is that me and my kids are blasting through the Lego games one by one. I play for an hour every second day with my 4- and 5-year old’s. They can now play the games on their own, but a just a little bit of guidance. Being the harsh father that I am, they need to complete a game before we can move onto the next, which means that I have now 8-or-so completed Lego games in my library. The Lego games have such a great core design. Lego Undercover and the new Lego DC Super-Villains are my favorites.

Finally, I tried out the impressive Game Pass this fall. It was the Forza Horizon 4 release that made me check it out, but if Microsoft can keep the pace up, it’s really no-brainer of a service. Thanks to Game Pass, I worked my way through Fallout 3 and 4, riding the pre-hype of 76 (as well as tried out a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise play). I really loved Fallout 4 and now only have New Vegas in my backlog. Either way, I hope Game Pass is the future, and I think that bodes well for indies-devs like me.

Happy New Year!


Full list of games I spent a decent amount of time with. Games with * means completed in some way:


  • The Messenger
  • Kingdom Two Crowns *
  • Iconoclaust
  • SteamWorld Heist
  • Undertale (revisited)
  • Dead Cells *
  • Mini Metro
  • Minit *
  • Hollow Knight *
  • Owlboy
  • Celeste *
  • Stardew Valley (revisited)


  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Frostpunk
  • Fortnite
  • Quake Champions
  • Overwatch
  • Into the Breach

Xbox One

  • Lego DC Super-Villains *
  • Fallout 76
  • Doom
  • Quantum Break
  • Fallout 4 *
  • Fallout 3
  • Forza Horizon 4 *
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Okami


  • Lego Marvel’s Avengers *
  • Lego City Undercover *
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens *


  • Hearthstone
  • Rebuild 3 *
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Angry Birds Evolution
  • Solgard
  • Peggle Blast
  • Sky (beta)

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